We’ve come to the end of a mad, unprecedented, completely upended year on a global scale — one that all of humanity shared. As we do, like most everyone else I’ve reflected on the year past and the new one beginning.

This evening in a Zoom virtual happy hour a group of my best friends does regularly, one friend said she felt disappointed that she hadn’t accomplished more in 2020. …

This evening I had an unwarranted attack at the grocery store that left me shaking. I was loading my groceries into my trunk when I heard someone behind me say, “Biden-Harris, huh?” Presumably this was a comment on my bumper sticker.

I turned, and the man pointed to his MAGA hat and jeered, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

I just smiled and replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

At that, his face became livid and enraged, he took a step toward me and raised his hand while screaming, “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

I was stunned.

A completely unwarranted, unprovoked attack. On a complete stranger minding…

Making a fancy drink has never been easier thanks to these smoothies and cocktail recipes that you can make with a juicer or blender. Check out the best ones to impress people at your next party.

You don’t have to be a professional bartender or mixologist to prepare some stunning morning cocktails and smoothies for your friends or family. After all, there are few methods you can use to impress someone with a stunning-looking cocktail or drink. All you need is a smoothie blender and some ingredients that can be easily purchased. We put together some excellent cocktail drinks and smoothie recipes that you can prepare with ease when hosting your next party. Check them out!

Cape Codder

If you are startled by the name of this cocktail, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s actually just vodka cranberry…

Escape room games have become very popular in recent years — but did you know that you can participate in one live, virtually?

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdowns started in March my family, like pretty much all others, started to go a little stir-crazy at home, as well as connecting a lot more remotely with tech tools such as Messenger and Zoom. We started doing Friday night virtual family game nights via Zoom.
The whole family has always loved to play games, and when we’re together in real life we sit around the table and do a lot of that. Seeing everyone from their various cities all Brady Bunch style on the screen and playing games together was not only a way to…

When you have moved into a new home, one of the first things on your list is probably going to be decorating, updating or remodeling the kitchen. Here are some eco-friendly tips for doing so.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, especially if you like to cook and engage, so having a design that suits you is essential. Many people are looking to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible, and this article explores several ways to do that. Many eco-friendly aspects of a kitchen could even save you money.

1. Use VOC-Free Paints

These paints are earth and human friendly, and don’t radiate potentially unsafe gases. One useful piece of advice: You may need to apply three covers rather than the typical two to get the desired shading on the walls.

2. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Products

Probably the most straightforward change you…

I love food. I love healthy & natural. I love Austin and the cool people we have here.

I enjoy shopping for food and cooking it. So all of these things combine to make me a perfect locavore.

I have always liked going to farmers markets, even when traveling, and fortunately I live in a place where being a locavore is relatively easy (Austin, Texas). Not only is eating whole foods that are locally and organically grown much healthier for us, they also just quite simply taste a whole lot better. Like living sustainably, it’s not new or trendy or hippie — it is extremely old fashioned. …

Today is an uncertain, challenging, and even scary moment in time. With the continuing rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone quarantining and sheltering in place, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone.

For myself, during the time I have both utilized Facebook, as well as spending less time with it. I do use it to connect with friends and family at this time when we aren’t having face-to-face interactions, so that we can keep up with one another and try to bridge that distance. It’s also nice to continue to stay in touch with other friends who I rarely see (some I’ve never met) who don’t live close to me, to share in this unique situation of our lives. …

No one anticipated the explosion of the COVID-19 virus. However, we’re all feeling its effects.

Health and safety are at the forefront of everyone’s mind like never before, especially as there is no real end in sight for social distancing protocols. Here is how to keep yourself and your family safe while we wait for this once-in-a-lifetime event to pass.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies

First, it is important to remember that a global health crisis does not prevent accidents, injuries, and natural disasters — tornado season is coming up and kids are still jumping on trampolines. Because of this, one of your first priorities should be to ensure that your family is stocked up on emergency and first aid…

Life right now is very different for all of us. For parents home with their children, who are now trying to keep up with their education online, it can be extra challenging. Here are some tips on how to manage it.

It can be really tough to make an overnight switch to the fact that we, parents, are now “homeschooling.” After all, how many of us have given serious thought or made a structured plan for homeschooling? Probably very few of us. Will it be enough for them? Am I giving enough of my time to them? I started this coronavirus crisis by researching tools and talking with friends and teachers to get an idea of what my 8 year old would need while being out of school indefinitely.
My son, like any elementary age child, needs a structured day filled…

Meditation has been shown to increase volume in certain brain regions, to reduce anxiety and depression, and even to improve immunity.

I’m a huge yoga person, which often has a meditation component, even if it’s just a short 1–2 minute savasana (the “corpse pose” of complete relaxation lying on your back) at the end. I also do meditate from time to time, although I admit not regularly. I know the benefits, I experience them when I do it, and I have often struggled to make a daily meditation practice part of my life. I just never quite get there.
I’m certainly going to make more of an effort now, even using a timer and reminders with apps such as Calm and…


Writer, yoga chick, world nomad, art fanatic, dog lover, amateur gourmet and wanna-be super hero living in the awesome town of Austin.

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